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Board Game Night 8-8-15 Empty Board Game Night 8-8-15

Post by Father Dugal on Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:39 pm

So, we had a boardgame night last night, and it was absolutely fantastic. I've been to good board game nights before, but the games we played last night were top notch.

First off for the evening...

Board Game Night 8-8-15 Sw_setup

This game is incredible mostly for a single game mechanic. The standard game plays a lot like Sid Meier's Civilization game. Each player takes on the role of a mythic race that spreads across the land through conquest of territory. At any time during the game, when you feel the race has run its course or cannot possibly win against a larger force, you have the option of declaring the race's decline. When this happens, you  displace one civilization and pick up another one, which you begin and expand anew. After nine turns, the game is over. Mix this with a myriad of different skill types you can attach to a single race, one discovers that the races themselves can be different in the way they are able to conquer the lands.

This game is great to play, but it could serve another role. A GM who wanted to create a random history for world generation could use this game as a valuable tool. The races played at the beginning are random as are their abilities, so the "history" could play out in any different number of ways. I might actually be getting this game for that purpose.

Next up: Dungeons and Dragons: Return to Castle Ravenloft.

Board Game Night 8-8-15 Ravenloft_Boardgame_Pieces

This game I have to give props on the presentation alone. It comes with nice thick cardboard for the board module pieces and character portraits. Like most module games, the play goes according to an adventure that the group plays through; the pieces and play go in that fashion. This game is a cooperative title pitting you against the horrors of the dungeon; and believe you me, there are a large number of dangers to be found. A character can discover traps, monsters, conditions, and a horde of encounters designed to make your hero's life miserable unto death. And if any single character dies during the adventure, it's game over. No character re-rolls. The permadeath aspect forces the players to act as a team and heightens the tension as one prays the next game tile played will be the last. And there are a large number of adventures can be played. And the games tiles can be used with the other D&D module board games for even more adventures or possibly even game adventure generation. (I think Eric has 2 out of the 3 games available so far.)

Great games. Great game night.
Father Dugal
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