Vlack's Letter

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Vlack's Letter

Post by Casey on Sat Oct 03, 2015 4:01 pm

To Milamber, Beathan, Deorwine, and Vanimo;

Greetings from Vlack, King. It is with monumental pleasure that I welcome you to the disputed regions of my kingdom. Your arrival at Sukiskyn turned an overwhelming victory for my armies to an overwhelming slaughter, disrupting my suzerainty in the area and undoing careful years of planning. Yet even this does not anger me. I dispense pain and suffering where ever I go; in this endeavor you are my happy accomplices.

How many of us have you killed? At least many dozens; perhaps hundreds now. I’m sure that it is of no importance to you. The higher that number is, the less you take notice.

Take notice, then, in something that screams from the darkness! The balance of powers upset, the great flight of your Gods after the Akallabêth, leaving the lordship of Middle-earth to that Abhorred One, the Great Eye; yes, that craven weakling of a lesser god who now stretches his gaze to the furthest edges of the land. Despite his powerlessness, the scattered peoples shall be scorched before him like straw before even this pathetic flame.

This is the reason that I have my being: to make sure that this never comes to pass – or should it indeed be inevitable, to ensure that the sovereignty of this godling only serves to act to set the foundation for an eternal realm, a kingdom ruled by only He who has the right to command, He who shaped the world, He who created the Darkness out of light, He who provides pleasure and pain, He who broods from the Void beyond the Flame Imperishable.

Who then shall stop Him? Will He not hear the tormented cry of His tortured creations? Will He not deign to wear the Iron Crown again, to return with acclamation as Sovereign of Arda?

And of your Gods? Will they return with their lethargic wisdom, their self-imposed separation in their Land of Bliss torn asunder from the helpless children of the earth?

They may. And if they do so there shall be a battle so exquisite, a slaughter so immense, that so many a Man and Elf and Dwarf will be sent to those great Halls of the Damned that its pillars will groan with the weight.

And yet what of those of us, the accursed peoples, the Children of Darkness? What music has the Dark Lord woven for us after we leave this place? Shall we eventually return like our Elven fathers? Shall we pass from Arda altogether like the Secondborn? Or is there a pit in Hell deep enough to contain the masses of those who will have perished before me?

Perhaps you shall show me. I think you will find me. I think that conflict between us in inescapable. You are sent by your Gods; I serve mine. Blood will be spilt.


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Re: Vlack's Letter

Post by Maximum Shepherd on Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:50 pm

A goblin kingdom with subjects partial manners and a sense of civility. I can't say that I like it. No, I can't say that I like it one bit.
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