Guess who's back.

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Guess who's back.

Post by grumpit on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:18 pm

Lying broken and bloodied, face down on the cold shifting sand she could feel what little life she has left spilling out. Though she lay dying it was not regret nor sorrow she felt but, triumph and guilt. Triumphantly  they have slain the great villain and saved countless lives. The world was dying and had they failed there would have been no future for anyone but, it came at a cost. The death of the only true friend she ever had.  
She is wracked with guilt, it consumes her. She should have fought harder, she should have put herself in harms way. She should have taken the blow that felled her friend but she failed, mercifully she would not have to endure the guilt she felt for long. The traitor's had survived, the mad girl, the silent Spearman and the one that never shut up. Her friend did not and soon she would join him. As her vision dimmed memories of her life flashed and danced around her head,  most of which she would have preferred forgotten.

A child of 12 years of age her heart filled with cruelty and a gnawing void she could not understand nor fill. She saw her self killing her brother with a rock and burning down her familes manor to hide what she had done.  Some crimes can not be hidden and soon she would be banished into the wilderness and left to die, if not for the kindness of a old man who found her and taught her how to fight.

A mercenary: Consumed with greed and a willingness to fight for any who would fill her coin purse. She fought for many causes, some good most not so much so. Despite how many heads she took or how much gold she made she still could not fill the emptiness in her heart.

Ambush: She had been sound asleep, at rest until a filthy Gondoring orc slayer betrayed her. The scum brought 2 assassins with him, they crept in the dark while she slept. Stark naked and armed only with a knife she took three heads in a span of as many seconds. She left the gondorian's body impaled on a stake with his severed head looking out from his stomach, a warning to all that would betray her. Despite her amusement this still didn't bring her closer to knowing who she was and what she truly needed.\

The Urchin. In a port city somewhere south of Gondor she walks down the docks as a young street urchin snatches her gold pouch and tries to run off, with little care she pulls a knife from her belt and throws it in to the back of the young child. She pulls the knife out of the life less corpse retrieves her money purse and keeps walking with little regard for the life she just took.

Civil War: War raged across the Dunlands, acts of atrocities committed by both sides, family versus family, brother versus brother. There was money to be made for those with enough drive and initiative to do the things that had to be done, the things most wouldn't have the stomach to do. She made a fortune helping to end the war and put her employer on the throne.  Despite all the gold she made it was still not enough, never enough.

Worm Hunting: She and her mercenary company where coming back from a most unusual adventure, hunting great worms that seemed as if they could swim through the dirt with great speed. They had made camp when they heard a tremendous and to some terrifying. Three massive trolls came charging down the hill to kill and then most likely devour the small band.  
Most of the men panicked and fled and still yet some cowered and cried, few men saw a troll let alone three and even fewer lived to tell about it. Sure of purpose and of destiny,  she raised her crossbow and fired. With a soft thunk the bolt finds its target, the eye of a charging troll 1000 feet away. She watched calmly as the troll collapses to the ground its lifeless body going limp. A second shot rings out in the night as her second troll falls to its death at 500 feet. She stands unafraid as the third hulking brute with hunger in its fouls eyes rushes towards her... time its self seems to stand still. The troll mere feet away lowers its massive shoulders, it's about to crash into, to crush her under its gargantuan weight. She closes her eyes,  savoring the moment. This beast is not going to kill her, it is not her destiny to die tonight. Time returns to normal an in the blink of an eye she dives to the side rolling through the air right as the troll passes through where she was standing, the trolls looks to the side to where she is rolling through the air... the last thing the troll see is her bolt piercing its foul eye. She lands on her feet, three bolts and three dead trolls.

A pregnant elf: Traveling with her band of comrades through mirkwood they run across a band of Uruk- hai. The Uruk-hai tell them they are hunting a pregnant elf and they are will to pay for her.  The band sets out to find this elf, to make the 1000 gold the Uruk-hai have offered for her. They find her hiding up a tree.  They try to trick her down and then shoot her out of the tree, after everything fails they set fire to the tree to bring her to the ground. The elf leaps to the ground and runs.  Neither arrows nor net nor even a  lassoes are no match for this elf. Despite being heavy with child and exhausted the elf easily evades her pursuers.
For the first time the warrior see a spark of something, she does not know what it is but she does know deep down its what she has been looking for all her life... even if she is unwilling to admit it to her self.

A chest in the dark: To the far north in the ruined kingdom of Angmar 5 people stand around a large chest they have found. There is something in it! something alive..almost but not quite. The chains around the chest burst sending molten chunks of glowing red iron flying through the air.  Something oozes out, slinking out of the darkness.  She felt terror for the first time, an unnatural terror seeping into her.  She felt the cold void of nothingness, of the enemy.. She survives this day but forever changed. She now knows the true face of evil but has yet to find what she is looking for. She knows one thing for certain however...she has to change, to become better or end up like that thing...

A sister:  She has a sister who is an elf an elf of all things. She thought all her family was dead, she thought she was alone. Looking into her sisters eyes there is a light of some kind, it is inviting, comforting.  There is a hint of song in her voice when she talks, its ethereal and almost imperceptible. For the first time the warrior looks back at her life and feels shame for the evils that she has wrought.  The ever-present void in her soul slowly starts to close as it is filled with a light she never knew existed.
The oath: The Elves of Rivendale  have given her aid and refuge, have given her a purpose. She swears an oath to  their leader that she shall dedicate her life to battle and defeating the great enemy. She vows to give whatever Rivendale needs and to come to their call no matter the cost.

Captured: On a vital mission from Rivendale she and her comrades had been captured by the enemy, they are to be taken to Dol Guldur where they will be tortured then killed. Escorted by 50 men there is little hope of escape. desperate she spends her days talking to a young man who seems very much out-of-place in this vile company of the enemies soldiers. She tells him about the dark and terrible things she has done in her the past, of the forgiveness she has been given by the elves. She spends the better part a week convincing him of the evils of the enemy and to help free them.
The night comes and as promised the young  man sets them free of their bonds. They wont get far  before the guards see the prisoners are missing and sets out to hunt them.  She tells them that she will stay behind to hold back the enemy as long as she can, to give them time to reach a river and slip away. Knowing she cant do this alone the only true friend she has ever had will join her, they say heartfelt goodbyes and ready  themselves for battle knowing they would not survive.
Side by side they fought a desperate battle trying to buy time with their lives.  However the  grace of the Valor was with them that night, they fought with a fury that fulled by the grace and light of the Valor cutting down all 50 of the enemy soldiers. When the battle was done neither of them had even a scratch.

Betrayed:  The warrior and her sister set out with the help of her comrades to seek justice for their murdered family. The journey nears to the end as they find that it is a small village that is responsible for burning her family at the stake and stealing the families lands and possession. It is then that her comrades turn on her. They say they will go no further, that will take up arms to slay the warrior and her sister if they try to bring justice to this vile town.
Her head spinning and in shock from what she just heard.  She struggles to come to terms with it. Her comrades, friends, the people she has fought side by side with for years, that she has laughed and cried with that she has risked her life for and was willing to lay down hers to protect  has betrayed her.
She and her sister set out to wait and lure the men that where responsible for killing her family out of the village and into the woods. The plan fails there are far more and better trained they she expected.  Diorwin, Birdy and Rundy simply watch and do nothing as their former friends Raina and Laith are overwhelmed and killed.

                                                                                              The gods however have other plans.

My apologies for anyone that actually read that. I am not the best at writing and I really didn't have enough time to proofread it.


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Re: Guess who's back.

Post by Casey on Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:00 pm

Wow. That was an amazing exegesis of Raina, and her transformation from the heartless beast she was into the Hero of Middle-earth she became. I am impressed with your memory of the details of those sessions.

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Re: Guess who's back.

Post by Maximum Shepherd on Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:57 pm

My apologies for anyone that actually read that. I am not the best at writing and I really didn't have enough time to proofread it.

It's far better than some of the character backstory drivel I've written in the past.

The traitor's had survived, the mad girl, the silent Spearman and the one that never shut up. Her friend did not and soon she would join him. As her vision dimmed memories of her life flashed and danced around her head, most of which she would have preferred forgotten.

Diorwin, Birdy and Rundy simply watch and do nothing as their former friends Raina and Laith are overwhelmed and killed.

If only Tom were around to hear Birdy being insulted. Oh, the clamor he'd make.
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