Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16)

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Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Empty Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16)

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The Imperial Colonies are far removed from the Imperial Naval Shipyards of the core regions.  Additionally, as the colonies have no duke to represent them in the moot, or to requisition ships on their behalf, they have been reliant on the 208th fleet for support and protection.  This protection came with the cost of ceding ever greater autonomy to the Five Sisters subsecter, while gaining little economic benefits in return.

As of this changed with the attack by the ravagers, coming suddenly out of the Sygian Nebula and destroying two colonies with no support or defense from the 208th fleet.  The attack happened so quickly, the strange attackers disappeared back into the Nebula before Imperial forces could muster or respond.  Regardless, the colonists were embittered at the apparent Imperial failure, and the colony governors undertook a project to found a colonial navy for mutual defense.

The funding woes were quickly solved with the massive economic boon of the arrival of the strange Herald species and the trade in anagathics, making the colonies wealthy overnight.  The Keening system centered on a large black hole, became the primary shipyards for the construction of the fleet.  As the colonies initially lacked the technical expertise to construct meson spinal mount cannons, they focused attention on advanced fighter ships, and large dedicated fighter carrier ships.  The quality of these fighters has advanced rapidly, with some whispering the newest line of fighters are even more efficient than the empires most advanced fighters.

Capitol Ships:

Concordia class supercarrier
TL 12 200,000 Dton fighter carrier.

Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Concor10

The Concordia is the only ship of its class and is the flagship of the colonial navy.  It is also the first TL 12 capitol ship produced by the Keening shipyards, and the only colonial ship to carry a meson spinal mount.  The Concordia is designed to provide control and offensive fighter power to an entire system with multiple squadrons of fighters and torpedo bombers.

Bengal class Fighter Carrier
TL 11 80,000 Dton fighter carrier.

Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Tigers10

The Bengal class carriers have been the centerpiece of the colonial naval fleet.  There have been three constructed, though one has been lost in combat with Aslani colonial expansionist forces.  The remaining two are the ICS Bengal, first of its class, and the ICS Tiger's Claw.

Waterloo class
TL 11 10,000 Dton destroyer

The Waterloo is the heaviest non-carrier warship in use by the colonies.  Waterloo class ships are attached to one of the three carrier groups and often perform out-system patrol, stationed in systems adjacent to the flagship.  A Waterloo is armed with meson bays and a wing of six fighters.

Gilgamesh class
TL 11 2,000 Dton destroyer escort

Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Gilgam10

The Gilgamesh is a dedicated escort warship.  Several of these ships are in each carrier group and serve as carrier guards, or escort supply convoys.  They carry no fighters, but are armed with two missile bays.

Clydesdale class Freighter Escort
TL 11 400 Dton corvette

The Clydesdale is a commerce escort and system patrol vessel.  They are often tasked with pirate and smuggler interdiction and suppression.  They are similar in armament to an Imperial patrol ship, but sacrifice some troop space to house launchers for 2 Epee class or Ferret class fighters.

Fighters of the Colonial Navy:

F-54 Epee

Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Epee_210

TL 11 10 Dton light fighter.

F-44 Rapier II

Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Rapier10

TL 11 30 Dton medium space superiority fighter

F-57 Sabre

Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Sabre10

TL 12 50 Dton Heavy fighter

A-17 Broadsword

TL 11 80 Dton Torpedo Dive-Bomber

Retired fighters:

P-64 Ferret

Ships of the Colonial Navy (updated 3/19/16) Ferret10

TL 10 10 Dton system patrol fighter.
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