The Drakhri Empire

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The Drakhri Empire

Post by Agent Tash on Sun May 29, 2016 1:37 pm

The Aslani Hierate spinward of the Empire is the great seat of Aslani power and authority, and a worthy competitor of the Imperium in its own right.  One of the defining racial traits of the Aslani is a need to spread out and become diffuse throughout the stars.  Aslani populations on planets tend to be organised around family groups, with large amounts of space between clan strong-holds. Yound male Aslani who seek mating prospects and land must then strike out and seek a new lands or stars to settle to attract followers and mates.

This drive has created a large number of aggressive break-away states outside of the authority of the Hierate as there is tension between the larger Hierates need for stability, trade, and diplomatic ties, and young Aslani's need to distinguish themselves in battle and take new lands.  Bordering on the rimward side of the Colonies is one such clan alliance called the Drakhri Empire. They include 26 star-systems controlled by five Aslani clan princes.  The foremost clan prince is the self-styled Emperor Khaelric.

The Aslani Hierate has no affiliation with the Drakhri, and offers them no official military support.  The fleets and ships of the Drakhri are powerful and sophisticated, but use different layouts then the military fleets of the Hierate.  The technology of the fleets themselves are behind imperial military standards, but almost even with colonial military standards outside of Colonies latest designs.

There have been several previous military engagements between the Colonies and the Drakhri as they attempted to expand into Colonial space.  The Drakhri do not respect borders and treaties, only strength.  If they don't think they can conquer, they will trade.  If the balance shifts and weakness is shown by the trading partner, they will invade.  The Drakhri fleet is much larger than the combined forces of the Colonial Defense Fleet and the Imperial 256th CruRon.  It is only the tenacious fighting spirit of the Colonists that have keep them at bay over the years.

Emperor Khaelric
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