Combat Rules

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Combat Rules

Post by Casey on Sat Mar 01, 2014 7:58 pm

Only one dodge is permitted per round, unless the character is taking an All out Defense.

Missile Weapon Defense:
Dodges and blocks against missile weapons may only be attempted if your character notices the attack. If your character is not specifically watching the one firing the missile weapon, a perception (vision) role is required.

Some missile weapons travel too fast to be truly dodged. In this instance, roll the dodge anyway. Every point of success in the dodge roll gives a -2 to the attackers skill role. This includes crossbow bolts at close (10 or less) range and all firearms, lightning bolts, or beam attacks.

The above attacks may be blocked with a shield. Roll the block attempt with the shield bonus. The attacker gets a -2 to hit for every point the blocker succeeds by. If the attacker would have hit, but misses by the margin of the penalty, he hit the shield instead.

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