Revised Space Combat Actions

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Revised Space Combat Actions

Post by Agent Tash on Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:21 pm

Copy Pasted the tables below, so the formatting is probably not perfect. I mentioned the new engineering actions in space combat last night. I also added several electronic warfare actions the sensor/comms operator may use. They are also a few more modes of fire for the gunner to play with. Post your feedback.

Space Combat

Adjusted Space Range Table
0 +1
1 -1
2 -3
3 -4
4 -5
5-7 -6
8-10 -7
11-15 -8
16-20 -9
21-30 -10
31-45 -11
46-70 -12
71-100 -13
Size Modifier
Human: -10
Standard Missile: -10
Pop Turret: -6
Standard Turret: -5
10-29 dton: -4
30-79 dton: -3
80-399 dton: -2
400-799 dton: -1
800-2,999 dton: 0
3k-9,999 dton: +1
10k-29,999 dton: +2
30k-99,999 dton: +4

3 - Fuel tank damaged; half of fuel capacity lost.
4 - 1d passengers injured; 5d damage each, ignore DR.*
5 - j-drive disabled.
6 - Cargo damaged; a quarter of all cargo carried is lost.
7 - One computer disabled (standard bridges have three).
8 - 1d crew are injured; 5d damage each, ignore DR.*
9 - Power loss; halve Accel and jump number.
10 - Weapon: one spinal mount, bay, turret, or weapon disabled.
11 – Electronic Warfare Systems disabled.
12 - Fuel tank damaged; half of fuel capacity lost.
13 - 1d passengers injured; 5d damage each, ignore DR.*
14 - M-drive acceleration halved (round down).
15 - Cargo damaged (see above).
16 - Bridge (or cockpit) disabled.
17 – 1d crew are injured; 5d damage each, ignore DR.*
18 - Power plant disabled; ship crippled.
* Add an extra 1d casualties per 50 people aboard.
Add +I per die of damage for anyone not suited up.

Sequence of Action:
1. Detection and Communication.
2. Maneuver.
3. Movement.
4. Direct Fire.
5. Collision and Point Defense.
6. Launch/Docking.
7. Engineering.

Sensor and Communications:

Adjusted Scan Table: PESA AESA Radscan
TL10 TL 10^ TL11 TL10 TL10^ TL11 TL10 TL10^ TL11
Cockpit: +5 +6 +7 +9 +9 +10 -11 -10 -9
Basic Bridge: +7 +7 +8 +11 +11 +12 -9 -7 -5
Command Bridge: +9 +10 +11 +12 +12 +13 -8 -5 -2

Adjusted Scanner Skill (active/passive/rad):

Scanner Skill Roll= Electronics Operations(sensors) + target size modifier (not rad-scanner) + Adjusted Scan Table + Stealth Modifier.

Active Sensors:
Size: Use adjusted size modifier.
Prior Detection: +4 between sensors if seen last round.
Adjacent to planet: -4
Within Atmosphere: -6
Ladar mode: -2
Modest Stealth: TL10 -3; TL10^ -3; TL11 -4
Basic Stealth: TL10 -6; TL10^ -7; TL11 -8
Radical Stealth: TL10 -12; TL10^ -14; TL11 -16

Passive Sensors:
Size: Use adjusted size modifier.
Adjacent to planet: -2
Silhouetted by star: -4
Within Atmosphere: -6
Modest Cloaking: TL10 -3; TL10^ -3; TL11 -4
Basic Cloaking: TL10 -6; TL10^ -7; TL11 -8
Radical Cloaking: TL10 -12; TL10^ -14; TL11 -16

Object using transponder or broadcasting on radio: +40
Object using AESA: TL 10 Cockpit (+29) TL 10 B Bridge (+31) TL 10 C Bridge (+32)
TL 10^ Cockpit (+28) TL 10^ B Bridge (+30) TL 10^ C Bridge (+31)
TL 11 Cockpit (+28) TL 11 B Bridge (+30) TL 11 C Bridge (+31)

Electronic Warfare Actions:
Transponder Spoof: Requires Military Transponder. Roll Electronics Operation (Communications). No penalty for civilian ships, -2 military ships (does not provide security codes or clearances). -4 for ships of alien culture or design.
Communications Jamming: Roll Electronics Operation (Sensors) -4. Target one ship, station or object with AESA. That target cannot receive or broadcast radio communications. Cannot use target lock while using this action. Target bridge must have lower adjusted scan AESA bonus. Does not inhibit laser or meson communications. Max range 1/3 AESA bonus.
AESA Jamming: Roll Electronics Operation(Sensors) vs target. Attempt to overwhelm target’s radar receivers. Contest between adjusted AESA skill with range penalty vs target’s adjusted AESA skill. The operator may not use AESA to track or locate other objects this round. Gunner will get target lock on target object. On failure target may not use AESA that turn. Does not affect ladar.
Mechanical Decoy: When activated, choose PESA decoys (Infrared Simulators) or AESA decoys (Corner Reflector radar refractors). Roll Electronics Operation (Scanners) to deploy. Opposing ship must reroll Sensor or Gunner (missile) with no prior detection bonus to redetect on other sensor to identify correct target. Additional targets will appear in same hex on same vector but will not maneuver. Roll a contest of Tactics(naval) between captains to identify correct target among decoys unless ship changes vector.
Launch Emergency Beacon: (launch phase): Electronics Operation(Communications). (Starships pg. 69)
Pilot and Navigation:

Turn Order:
Contest of Pilot Skill + Ship Acceleration. Turn order is in reverse to order of success (Fastest ship moves last).
Ship Dodge:
Dodge= (Pilot Skill + Ship Acceleration) / 2 + Combat Reflexes Bonus.
All Out Defense: (Maneuver Phase; Requires Ship Accel of 2 or Higher)
-50% Vector Accel this turn for +2 dodge.
-Turn Order Winner may choose to avoid any collisions.
-Turn Order Winner may choose to collide by making a pilot skill roll +size modifier*. No dodges.
*If the colliding object is remotely guided, add the distance modifier from pilot to target.


Adjusted Gunner Skill:
TL11 Command Bridge (2 x Gunner) -12
TL11 Basic Bridge: (2 x Gunner) -13
TL11 Cockpit: (2 x Gunner)-14
TL10^ Command Bridge: (2 x Gunner)-13.
TL10^ Basic Bridge: (2 x Gunner)-14.
TL10^ Cockpit: (2 x Gunner)-15.
TL10 Command Bridge: (2 x Gunner)-14.
TL10 Basic Bridge: (2 x Gunner)-15.
TL10 Cockpit: (2 x Gunner)-16.

Battery Fire
1/60: +0 (1 gun)
1/30: +1 (2 guns)
1/15: +2 (4 guns)
1/8: +3 (8 guns)
1/4: +4 (15 guns)
1/2: +5 (30 guns)

Rapid Fire:
Normal Fire: 1 shot per minute: +0 to hit, normal damage and range.
Rapid Fire: 10 shots per minute: +2 to hit or 2 attack rolls at +0; 1/2 damage and range.
Auto Fire: 100 shots per minute: +4 to hit, or 2 attacks at +2, or 3 attacks at +0. 1/3 damage, range same hex only.

Coordinated Fire:
-1 to target ship’s dodge roll for each 2 points of Battery Fire bonus sacrificed. OR -1 to target ship’s dodge for each cooperating gunner targeting the same ship taking -2 to hit.

Close Combat Fire:
When firing at targets at range 0, subtract one half the target’s acceleration from your attack roll.

Space Weapon Table (All weapons recoil 2)
250-MJ TL 10 Standard Laser: 2d+2(2). 2/5
390-MJ TL 10^ Standard Laser: 4d(2). 2/7
405-MJ TL 11 Standard Laser: 5d(2). 3/8
810-MJ TL 10 Heavy Laser: 4d+2(2). 3/9
1.3-GJ TL 10^ Heavy Laser: 7d (2), 4/13
1.3-GJ TL 11 Heavy Laser: 8d+2(2), 5/14
Particle beam bay / Meson gun 50 dton bay :6d x 10 or 6d x 10!
Spinal p-beam and spinal meson gun does cDAM 7d x 30 or 7d x 30!
TL10 missile: 3d+2 (10) or 6d (5) kk; 6 G Accel (3 rounds) Skill 14
TL10^ missile: 5d-1 (10) or 6d (5) kk; 8 G Accel (3 rounds) Skill 14
TL12 missile: 5d-1 (10) or 6d(5) kk; 10 G Accel (3 rounds) Skill 15


Engineering Maneuvers: (One per turn) 1 Engineer per 100 ship Dtons required. +1 to skill for each doubling of minimum engineers. (Robots Count)

Damage Control (p. GT170)
Starship Mechanic. Repair cHP equal to margin of success X2 on critical success. %50 of combat repairs are temporary and will be lost 24 hours after repair.
Extra Speed:
Starship Mechanic (Maneuver Drives) -4: +%50 acceleration this turn. On failure, ship rolls vs HT. On failure, it takes %10 max hit points in damage. Damage result will be -%50 accel. Additional -2 to skill roll for each additional time this is used in a battle.
Systems Online:
Starship Mechanic or Related System Skill -4. Bring a damaged (not destroyed) system back online temporarily. Roll ship HT each turn or the system becomes disabled again. The system remains online if sufficient cHP are repaired by Damage Control to bring the ship above a %10 limit.
Full Power to Weapons:
Reactor Mechanic -4. Ship’s Weapons deal +1 damage per die this turn. On failure, ship rolls vs HT. On failure, ship takes %10 max hit points in damage. Damage result will be weapon system offline. Additional -2 to skill roll for each additional time this is used in a battle.
Rig for Silent Running:
Starship Mechanic -2. All non-critical systems powered down. %50 normal acceleration. No weapon use. No active sensors (including lidar). No outbound communications (including laser comms). Minimal life support. -2 detection chance from PESA. -4 detection chance from Radscanners.

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