Port Merchant Interface - Keening System / Hades Naval Base (Class 5 TL 11) (From session 9/1/2018)

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 Port Merchant Interface - Keening System / Hades Naval Base (Class 5 TL 11) (From session 9/1/2018) Empty Port Merchant Interface - Keening System / Hades Naval Base (Class 5 TL 11) (From session 9/1/2018)

Post by Agent Tash on Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:09 am

Welcome to Hades Navel Base Customers! Please submit your product queries!

***Scanning Company Balance Sheets***

In addition to individual product orders, your company is solvent enough to invest in exciting opportunities!  We have laid out three of them below:

*The company may choose to invest in these projects for future returns and income for the company.  The investments are made in megacredits (MCR / million credits).  After an investment is made, I roll randomly in secret (no luck rolls).  There are seven categories of success: Critical Loss (3-4); Severe Loss (5-6); Loss (7- 8 ); Average (9-11); Gain (12-14); High Gain (15-16); and Critical Gain (17-18).   Each of these catagories have a rate of return on what the players invested, an Example:  Generic Investment A ((-50/-20/-10/+2/+10/+20/+50))  This tells you the percent gained or lost depending on what was rolled.  Each will also have three time categories =: Short Term (return occurs in one month); Medium Term (Return occurs in six months); and Long Term (Return occurs in one year).

There are three opportunities for investment available.  

1:  Biomedical Science Research Investment Opportunity:  ((-20/-10/-5/+6/+10/+15/+30)) - Long Term Investment
Dr. Camilla Euphrades of tech start-up Biotech Euphrades is researching overhauls to Pan-Immunity source samples for Colonial medical providers.  With our recent withdraw from the greater Imperium, synthesizing complete Pan-Immunity vaccines is much more difficult.  This is expected to be a safe, long term investment for a needed service for the good of the colonies.

2: Commerce Raiding Start-Up:  ((-100/-60/-30/+0/+30/+80/+300)) - Medium Term Investment
Mr. Carrington, Loyal citizen of the Colonies, and local business leader is outfitting a colonial frigate to raid Imperial and Zhodahni commerce lines, take prizes, and fight for our independence.  His private 6th rate 1200 ton ship will be equipped with the best weapons and will hire the boldest captain and crew.  While Mr. Carrington is investing the majority share in this project, others are encouraged to invest.

3: Mineral Deposit Futures Expedition // Rafting: ((-60/-40/-20/+10/+20/+40/+100)) - Short Term Investment
A well vetted client has salvaged imperial mineral survey data and must outfit a mission and secure permits to set claims on the lucrative deposits.  For security reasons, the location of these deposits is being kept secret.  The veracity of the claims and good reputation of the speculation crew is vouched for by the colonial survey service.
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