The Simpsons Get Pixelated

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The Simpsons Get Pixelated  Empty The Simpsons Get Pixelated

Post by Father Dugal on Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:39 pm

The Simpsons and video games are certainly not strangers. The franchise and video gaming go all the way back to the NES and Bart Simpson vs. The Space Mutants. In spite of this, there has never been a pixelated version of the the Simpson's famous opening sequence. Until now, that is.

I will warn you this video gets a little strange near the end. I can't tell if this is some homage to a Lovecraft alternate dimension or the cover attract art for a pinball table. You be the judge.

Father Dugal
Father Dugal

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The Simpsons Get Pixelated  Empty Re: The Simpsons Get Pixelated

Post by Casey on Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:55 pm

Oh my. That was fun. Quite the homage to the 80s, in all its glorious sillyness.

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