A Plausible Theorum of Jump Bubble Expansion

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A Plausible Theorum of Jump Bubble Expansion

Post by Father Dugal on Tue May 16, 2017 12:19 pm

A Plausible Theorum of Jump Bubble Expansion
Baka Waperwa-a-a-awpawab

The jump bubble. A pocket of reality that ferries starships across the parsecs and makes the dream of the Third Imperium a reality. The general discourse regarding this bubble has stayed in near draconian devotion to the classical theories from which it sprang; a ship expends a certain amount of hydrogen fuel enabling fast than light travel within a dimension of nonreality, which ship creates a bubble of known reality around itself in preparation for journey through nonreality as jump space. This is jump drive mechanical theory that any student learns in the rudimentary classroom. What I argue pertains to why the Imperium has not progressed in the potential functions of what the bubble can accomplish beyond the task of protecting a wayfaring vessel?

The question I propose to answer in due course is this: Can a jump bubble be enlarged beyond its normal capacity within nonreality jump space?

The basic problem that confronts us in this situation is, of course, how to go about the process of expansion. As is well known, the primary function of the jump bubble is that of protection; rather, the interaction between reality within the bubble that exerts force on the outside dimension of jump space other reality. Thanks to Tallik's Constant, we know the energy requirements to generate a force within the ship great enough to equalize the pressure exerted by a singular foreign plane of energy.

Here though is where all thought on the matter ends. How did such creative thinking come an abrupt halt? It may in part be due to early Vilani and Solomani experiments with jump drive technologies. Though conducted worlds apart from each other, both societies through experimentation came to the conclusion that expanding a jump bubble greater than the area of a starship before jump-space entry would lead to catastrophic results of missed jumps or the destruction to the drive or of the entire ship. The line of reasoning was and still is to form a bubble no larger or smaller than the craft intent on entering the hyper dimension of space. But--and this is where the reasoning ends--what about conditions when contact with the jump space universe is made? What about the fuel a ship has left in its reserve for another jump? For within the other reality, Tallik's Constant can still be applied to expand the jump bubble farther than the normal recommendation. Therefore, the conclusion that springs to mind is obvious: Uitlize present jump reserves to continue the jump bubble expansion.

It should be noted that such expansion should be done only under the strictest of care and in the most dire of circumstances. The theory as it stands now does not account for shrinking a bubble back to its original state. Once expanded, the bubble must remain so for the duration of the other space journey. Because of this, a ship is still subject to the chances of overrstay in hyperspace, minor missjumps, or abrupt re-entry into normal spacetime. The present theorum is in its infancy; however, with further experiments, I hope to run the iron over these creases so that the potential expansion and retraction of a jump bubble may be possible in the far future. The practical application of perfect jump bubble expansion and retraction could allow a ship's crew to conduct repairs on the outside hull of a damaged ship, readying it for any conflicts that may emerge on the other end of jump space.
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