New Advantage: Cinematic Introduction

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New Advantage: Cinematic Introduction

Post by Agent Tash on Fri Jul 28, 2017 6:22 pm

Cinematic Introduction (2 points) : When introducing your character for the first time into the campaign, the Game Master doesn't introduce the character to the group. At a moment of the new players choosing, he may interrupt the Game Master, and temporarily seize control of the narrative. The new player introduces the player under his terms however he likes. The player could have the Grand Admiral walk in and introduce the player as a special and trusted friend, or have him appear in the midst of a battle and dispatch an enemy with casual ease and a smile. However the player describes it (now matter how unlikely or contrived) becomes canon for the game with the following exceptions:
1: It cannot overtly effect one of the other player characters.
2: It cannot be used to give new advantages or points to the character.
3: It cannot be used to take out major plot enemies or short circuit plot-lines.

Anything else is fair game.
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