A New Scape Goat for the Current Game

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A New Scape Goat for the Current Game Empty A New Scape Goat for the Current Game

Post by Father Dugal on Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:02 pm

At our session yesterday, we, as a group, decided unanimously that if anything bad ever happened in the game in the future, we would simply blame the misfortune on Jon. We decided on this course of action for a few reasons, each of which I will illustrate below.

  1. Jon is not at the game. Due to dealing with real life concerns, like children, Jon is not able to come to our weekly gaming sessions. Therefore, his absence makes him the perfect fall guy for he is unable to defend himself. An absent person is the easiest to blame.

[list=2][*]The maps and items Jon has on his character have only served to leave us in the dark for our current endeavor. Case in point. In our game last night, Eric broke his rule of heroic PC silence by letting an item (a little black box) Saule had in his possession come into our own. Furthermore, Eric said that we were to use this box to contain the item causing the corruption to the ley lines. As a group, we were completely ignorant of this information because someone (his name rhymes with Gone Blew) decided we need not know any of it when he obtained the vital facts from Adelith in secret conference. But now we know and knowing is half the cabbage. [/list]

So, with all this in mind, how can we but blame every small misfortune that befalls us during the game--bad die rolls included--on Jon?
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