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Star Trek TOS Continues! Empty Star Trek TOS Continues!

Post by Father Dugal on Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:53 pm

If J.J. Abrams can reboot the entire Star Trek universe, why can't some crazed Star Trek geeks re-create sets of the original Enterprise down to the 60s florescent lighting and make new episodes worthy of the original series? I think these guys just did.

I may be the only person who might appreciate this fan fiction taken to an insane level, but I think it works. The guy they get to play Captain Kirk has his character and movements down to the last double-handed karate chop. And they got the James Doohan's son Chris to take up the mantle of his father as Scotty. To sum up, this series is a Star Trek's geeks greatest wet dream x IDIC.

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