What Happened in the Game on 1/27/18?

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What Happened in the Game on 1/27/18? Empty What Happened in the Game on 1/27/18?

Post by Father Dugal on Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:29 pm

For best reading experience, make sure this video music is playing in the background...

She's the wealthy CFO of a multi-billionaire interstellar business empire...

He's a super-hot street detective with psychic abilities...

He thought seducing women to get his way was the only calling in life until...

Alistraad: I'm going to have your child, darling, and I want you out of the picture, entirely. Sign here. Relinquish your rights as a father and you can name your price.

Callen: [sarcastically] How about a billion credits?

Alistraad:  Done. Shall we shake on it? (Cut back to Callen, clearly not expecting that reply.)

(Cut to space station botanical gardens. Callen, Gorakak, and Jorel are walking dogs.)

Gorakak: You said 'no' to a billion credits? Are you mad, human?

Callen: Yeah, I know it sounds like I turned down the deal of a lifetime, guys, but there's more to it than you think. You see my unborn child...I had a psychic vision. This child is going to be powerful. Even more than me.

Jorel: (Shakes his head incredulously) Oh, geez...

Callen: Jorel, I know you don't believe in my powers, but you're the best damned lawyer in this sub-sector. I want this child, and I want you to represent me. Whaddya' say?

(Jorel starts laughing hysterically. He sees that Callen and Gorakak aren't joining in. Jorel stops laughing.)

Jorel: Oh. You're being serious.

Narrator: But now...

(Captain Casey Duquette on the phone with Callen)

Casey: I just got off the horn with Colonial High Command. The Zhodani have staged a mass invasion on Zhatnos. We're shipping out in three weeks.

Callen: But Casey, I've got some problems I'm working through...

Casey: Problems? We're talking about the psychic enslavement of an entire planet. Put your personal issues aside and focus on the mission.

Callen: (With reluctance) Yes, sir. (Drops the phone)

(Cut to Callen talking with Jorel in his quarters)

Callen: Things just got complicated.

Jorel: (Pacing nervously with a double mocha in hand) Let me get this straight, Callen. You seduced  opposing female counsel for information. Now she's been fired from Ling Standard and is living with you? Am I the only one seeing a bright bulls-eye painted on both our asses?

(Later, in a jazz bar on the station. A table set next to a window overlooking a black hole. Alistraad and Callen are seated there.)

Alistraad: It's heartbreaking to hear you're getting shipped off, darling. I suppose while you're gone, I'll just take our case to court and win on account of absence.

Callen: You wouldn't dare.

Alistraad: I've got every lawyer and judge in this station wrapped around my pinkie.  You should've taken the money when you had the chance.

(Cut back to Caleen, Gorakak, and Jorel drinking coffee at space station Starbucks)

Jorel: You've got two choices, pal. Either you break that female lawyer's heart and career or else you can forget about ever seeing that kid.

Caleen: There's got to be another way.

Jorel: Not from where I'm standing.

(Casey approaches the table)

Casey: There may be a way, Caleen. You could get a JAG to represent you.

Caleen: But to do that, I'd have to...

(Casey grinning from ear to ear)

Casey: That's right. You'll have to join the Colonial Navy.

Gorakak: Human laws are stupid! Have the male and the female fight in a ritual death circle to decide who wins the right to raise the young.
(Everyone looks at Gorakak in disbelief. Gorakak stares back with a look of innocence) What?

(Cut to Caleen being sworn into the military.)

Alistraad: (voice heard in the background) You've got no chance, love. No matter what you do, that child will be mine.

(Cut to Caleen strapped inside a dark orbital insertion pod. The craft is about to make entry on Zhatnos. There are glowing display panels in front of his face and he's fighting the g-forces. He's humming a tune sort of like in this scene)

(Caleen's voice is heard in the background.)

Caleen: There are many battlefields in life. And I'm going to keep on fighting...for my child.

Narrator: Father of the God-Emperor

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